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Olympian Jorge Torres to Coach Cross Country and Track & Field Teams
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Lilly Higgins '16

With the advent of the Fall 2022 season, Ursuline Academy announced the addition of Jorge Torres as the new head coach for its Cross Country and Track & Field teams. Torres is a local Olympic runner who was on the U.S. track and field team for the 2008 Beijing Olympics. He ran for the University of Colorado Boulder in the early 2000s, where he also served as a volunteer coach for the team upon graduation. During his time coaching there, the team won two NCAA titles. He was elected into the college’s Athletic Hall of Fame in 2017.  

As a child, Torres dreamed of how far he could go in running. He grew up in Chicago playing many sports and, at first, he wasn’t sure which he would fully pursue until running “found” him. “Making it to the world stage is not something that happens overnight, but achieving your dreams makes the hard training worth it.” Torres has been on major cross-country teams on every world stage. He has personal records in a variety of events, from the 1-mile to the New York City Marathon. Torres says that his favorite part of the sport is “the start of a race—seeing everyone in their uniforms, the excitement, the smells, and the atmosphere.”

Coach Torres is new to coaching high school athletes, but not new to coaching. For the past ten years, Torres has been an Athlete Representative and Event Manager with Global Athletics & Marketing, Inc. He has worked with professional athletes, organized major events, and collaborated with communities to bring young athletes together. For many years, Torres has helped friends train for marathons as well.

Torres is coming to Ursuline with expansive knowledge of the sport and the teams are excited to have this unique opportunity to be coached by an Olympic athlete. Ursuline Athletic Director Mike O’Connor met Coach Torres about 7 years ago at an MIAA event and gave Torres his business card. O’Connor is known for his persistence, and he would often ask Torres about coaching at Ursuline. Fortunately, Torres reached out this past July, enthusiastic and ready to take on this new role. He is excited to be coaching a high school team for the first time and to be back with the sport that has given him so much. Coach Torres shared some words of encouragement for the team, remarking that “the season is long, and the best they can do is be consistent and show up.”

Cross country team captains, seniors Natalie Moran and Brigid Ryan, are looking forward to this season with their new coach. “He has been a great role model so far, he is someone who can push us to do well,” said Moran. The girls themselves have some goals for the season. They want everyone to get a personal record, they want everyone to become comfortable with racing, and they want each athlete to do a full-minute plank. Most importantly, Moran notes, “we want everyone to have fun and make friends.”