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Reflections From a Senior Athlete
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My name is Katherine Woodworth. I am a senior at Ursuline, as well as a member of the field hockey and softball teams.

Since my first day at Ursuline, I have been involved in athletic opportunities. Whether it was field hockey, softball, or even a little bit of basketball, I am usually at a game or practice for some team. From these opportunities, I have been fortunate enough to form a number of incredible relationships over the past four years. I have found this to be a huge part of Ursuline; the relationships you form with your “sisters.” Not only have I formed these bonds with other members of the senior class, but I have also connected with the people in the grades above and below me. Through these relationships, I have gotten to know my classmates in a different light and I also have learned so much from them. Even with the challenges of the past year, I know that I can always rely on the relationships I have formed at this school.

A quintessential part of the Ursuline experience is the community. Whether it be on the field, stage, or the classroom, the people at Ursuline create an atmosphere that fosters personal growth. In my case, these have been relationships that I have formed through my athletic experiences at Ursuline. In an environment where everyone is working hard and trying their best, you are bound to form strong relationships with your teammates. These relationships have left a lasting impact on me that I am truly grateful for. They have taught me to be both a team player and a leader, to work hard and have fun, and to have good sportsmanship and respect for those around you. Being a part of a team is something that I have always enjoyed and the lessons I have learned from my teammates and coaches at Ursuline have helped me to develop into a better person on and off the field.

As I head off to college next year, I will take all of the lessons I have learned over the past four years with me. I will continue to cherish the memories and relationships I have formed in the time that we got to spend together.

Katherine Woodworth '21