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Ursuline Drama performs Godspell, Jr.
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Ursuline Drama returned to the stage last weekend for a fully-live musical performance of Godspell, Jr., as things begin to return to normal on campus. The students put on an amazing show, complete with dramatic lighting run by a student tech crew. Since singing performances require greater social distancing than usual, the show was held in the Reynolds Center gym, with the bleachers transformed into a dynamic stage that allowed for social distancing and a minimalist set. Director Pam Schnatterly and Music Director Susan Glancy did an incredible job turning the gym into a performance space that allowed for creative choices that wouldn’t have been possible on the Angela Hall stage. To allow for social distancing, the audience was limited to students, faculty and staff, and the families of cast and crew members. 

Congratulations to the cast and crew:

Bella Coe ‘21, Allee O’Neill ‘21, Georgia Kazis ‘21, Julianna Clark ‘26, Charlotte Storey ‘25, Roisin Heafitz-Kelley ‘26, Maureen Fox ‘22, Grace Culver ‘23, Maryan Paldo ‘23, Daphne Partridge ‘22, Nina Polansky ‘23, Libby Moore ‘21, Brianna McIntyre ‘21, Katherine Ziska ‘22, Claire Dirks ‘21, Emily Helm ‘24, Ashley Boucher ‘25, Amaya Calderon ‘26, Julia Moran ‘25, Keira Mulligan ‘25, Alora Guarino ‘25, River Sally ‘25, and Lucy Valhee ‘25. Special thanks to pianist Dr. Erica Johnson and sound/microphone technician Greg Daigle. 

This year has challenged Ursuline Drama’s understanding of performance, but Pam Schnatterly and the students have adapted to the changing regulations with grace and creativity, and Godspell, Jr., was another triumph in a unique and modified season. Ursuline Drama looks forward to resuming its three-show season in its usual Angela Hall performance space in the next academic year.