An independent Catholic school for girls in grades 7-12

Academic Programs


See below for a list of courses by subject area. Ursuline students take Theology as an academic subject each year. We offer ten Advanced Placement courses and three language options, as well as electives for upperclassmen.

Parent Portal

Ursuline uses the Rediker Parent Portal to communicate progress reports and grades to parents and students. Electronic progress reports are issued mid-way through each marking period.


Students take examinations in each course at the end of every semester. In grades seven and eight, one and a half hour exams are administered, with the exception of language courses for which there is no exam. In high school, students take exams of approximately two hours in each course.


Theology 7

Theology 8

Theology 9

Theology 10

Theology 11

Theology 12 (2 one-semester classes) - Social Justice, Peer Ministry, Faithful Women

Graduation Requirement: 4 credits in Theology


English 7

English 8

English 9

English 10

English 11

English 12

AP English

Graduation Requirement: 4 credits of English


World Geography

American History

History I: World History

History II: World History

AP European History


AP Art History

US History

AP US History

Civics and Current Events

Graduation Requirement: 3 credits of History



Advanced Pre-Algebra



Algebra II



AP Calculus


Graduation Requirement: 4 credits of Mathematics


Life Science

Physical Science



Anatomy and Physiology

Environmental and Ecological Science


AP Biology

AP Chemistry

Graduation Requirement: 3 credits of Science

World Languages

French 7

French 8

French I

French II

French III

French IV

AP French

Latin 7

Latin 8

Latin I

Latin II

Latin III

Latin IV

AP Latin

Spanish 7

Spanish 8

Spanish I

Spanish II

Spanish III

Spanish IV

AP Spanish

Graduation Requirement: 3 credits of World Languages

Visual and Performing Arts

Art 7

Art 8

Music 7

Music 8

Visual Art and Design

Senior Studio Art

Music Theory

Musical Theater

Communication Arts

Graduation Requirement: 1 credit of Visual and Performing Arts


Technology 7

Technology 8

Introduction into Coding

Physical Education


The purpose of the physical education program is to help students develop a positive attitude regarding physical activities and wellness. Wellness is the integration of five components: physical, emotional, intellectual, social and spiritual. Physical activity and fitness focus on specific skills to improve muscular strength, cardiovascular endurance, flexibility, power, agility, speed and eye-hand and eye-foot coordination. The seventh and eighth grade physical education program fosters cooperative working habits, tolerance and respect for the diverse range of abilities and kinetic experiences.

Course Offerings

Physical Education 7

Physical Education 8