An independent Catholic school for girls in grades 7-12

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    #Plaidisrad! The school uniform is a big part of what it means to be an Ursuline girl. It unites our school and makes every girl feel like they are part of the community. It is also a lot of fun when a group of us are at Panera or Dunkin and people notice the uniform and know we are Ursuline girls. Ask any girl why she likes the uniform and most will tell you it’s for the simple reason that you always know what you’re going to wear – no more spending precious time in the morning trying to pick something out! I enjoy the extra time sleeping!!

    The uniform requirements are simple: green plaid skirt, white polo, knee socks/tights, flat brown or black shoe, green blazer (only worn occasionally on days we have mass or special event) and an optional fleece or pullover sweatshirt. And don’t worry on really cold and snowy days we are can wear tights/leggings and warm boots with the skirt!

    Our daily schedule operates on an 8 day rotating schedule. Each day has 8 class periods plus homeroom, break, and activity period (lunch is 1 of the 8 periods). Each day the schedule drops one of the 8 class periods, meaning there is no day in the schedule when you take every course.

    Break is every student’s favorite time of the morning. It happens right after the 2nd class of day, just as breakfast is wearing off and your stomach starts growling. Break is like high school recess. There is no assigned location, you can grab a snack from the Tea Room and meet your friends at a table outside. Many students also use this time to visit their locker to switch out books and supplies. It’s just a nice time to relax and gear up for the next set of classes.

    The answer to this question is going to change with each girl that is asked. So many variables affect the length of time it takes for a student complete her homework – her grade level, the course load and level of courses, the student’s study style and skills etc. – that it can be difficult to give a uniform answer. Many students take advantage of any free time in their daily schedule to get homework completed before they get home. This helps to keep down the time spent doing homework at home.