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Student Voices

As you explore Ursuline Academy, we encourage you to visit and speak with current students, hear their stories, and learn how Ursuline gave them the freedom and confidence to try new activities, sports or clubs, to discover new passions, or to surprise themselves with a talent or interest they didn't know they would enjoy.  Hear from current students below  how they defied the expectations they had for themselves - or perhaps that others had for them - and how that has transformed their outlook, the student life experience, and even their plans for the future!

Student Speakers Share their Ursuline Experience

VAt Ursuline, students gain experience and confidence in both writing and oral presentation skills. Watch the videos below to hear from students who were featured speakers at various events over the past few years.  Listen as they share their experiences, what the transition to Ursuline was like for each one, the activities they are involved in, leadership roles they've taken, and what the UA experience has meant for them. 

Hear from Eleni, a 7th grader, who spoke at our Applicants' Night in 2021 about her transition to Ursuline Academy and what makes the school special.  She had only been with us for 4 months when she made this presentation!

At our Applicants' Night in 2021, 9th grader Onyeka shared the activities she's involved in and why she loves the Ursuline community.

Victoria, a 7th grader, talks about her transition to Ursuline Academy.

Jackie, a 9th grader, discusses why she loves the Ursuline community.

Kristina, a senior,  talks about how Ursuline has helped her to become a confident and accomplished student.