An independent Catholic school for young women in grades 7-12

Black History Month 2022

This Black History Month, the Racial Justice Club worked with Campus Ministry and the National Art Honor Society to bring a  unique look into prominent Black figures who epitomize Black joy. The students selected the people themselves from a diverse range of fields and time periods, from prominent Catholic figures in the 19th century to artists and musicians from the present day. This initiative spanned the length of Black History Month, and brought the story of these important figures to the Ursuline community.

"The goal of this collaboration between the Racial Justice Club and The National Art Honor Society was mainly to educate the Ursuline community and expose more people to the concept of black joy. Black History Month is a time to learn about and appreciate the beauty of black culture and we wanted to do that with this art piece. It gave students the chance to learn more about some of the impactful members of the Black community—young and old, that they may not have known about before. We hope that you are as impressed with the work of our community as we are."

— The Racial Justice Club

There are currently three million Black Catholics in the United States, and about a quarter worship in historically black parishes. After the Second Vatican Council, the Black Catholic Movement reinvigorated the entire Church, with liturgical innovation, new preaching styles and activist scholarship. As part of the Racial Justice Club and Campus Ministry's efforts to educate the Ursuline community about a wide range of major Black figures, students learned about the unique contributions of six major Black figures in Catholicism who are on the path to sainthood.