Lunch Program

What's for lunch?
Ursuline Academy partners with SLA Management, Inc., a custom school food service management company that focuses exclusively on K-12 educational institutions,  and is dedicated to providing high quality, nutritious, and cost-efficient meal programs. 

Weekly menu and nutritional information
You may view the weekly menu and nutritional information by downloading the "Nutrislice" app from the app store on your mobile device. You can also visit the SLA website at for the current menu and other program resources.  Information about food allergens can be found by using the "filter" option in the upper right-hand corner of the online menu.  Students should inform a member of the kitchen staff in the morning if they would like gluten-free bread or rolls.

How to purchase lunch
Your daughter is able to use her student ID as a prepaid swipe card for lunch. Online deposits to your daughter's lunch account are made through  Please click here for complete details on how to sign up and fund an account. Your daughter may also present a check (made payable to SLA Management) at the register in the Tea Room to add funds to her account for immediate use.  Cash can also be used to purchase all food options.

Note: If you had an online account with MySchoolBucks, any remaining balance has been transferred to the new system. Funds can no longer be added to your MySchoolBucks account.

Questions? Contact Assistant Controller Ann Buccelli at