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MySchoolBucks adds convenience to the lunch purchase process for students and parents by giving your daughter the opportunity to purchase meals in the Tea Room using her student ID card in place of cash. The Ursuline Academy Student ID Card doubles as a prepaid debit card. MySchoolBucks may also be used for Book Store purchases and snacks provided funds are available.


  • Each student’s school ID card will also be her MySchoolBucks card. Parents will have realtime online access to this account. The card is only valid at Ursuline Academy.
  • By using the online payment system, families will be able to view the last 30 days' purchases, verify balances, and set up low balance alerts.
  • MySchoolBucks allows parents to transfer funds online to their daughters’ accounts for a fee of $1.95, in any amount up to $120/student. No fumbling or forgetting lunch money!
  • Any amount of funds may be added to a student’s account without a fee by sending a check to the School Office made out to Ursuline Academy Lunch.
  • Lunch lines move faster! Students paying by the MySchoolBucks card will have a fast lane!
  • The MySchoolBucks card is secure; the cashier will see your daughter’s school picture on the screen.
    • Students may use any register. UPC scanners will be located at every terminal; they provide ease of use and allow for quick transactions.
    • Students will be alerted to low balances when they use the card and an email alert will be sent to a parent’s email address.

Enrollment is easy!

  1. Go to to register your account.
  2. After registering, you will receive a confirmation email with a link to activate your account.
  3. Add your daughter(s) using their school name (scroll down from District Staff) and her Birth Date.
  4. You may use your credit/debit card or electronic check. ($1.95 transaction fee for each payment on account with a maximum of $120/student)
  5. You may also add funds by mailing in a check to the Business Office – Lunch Program or having your daughter hand a check in to the School Office. Checks should be payable to Ursuline Academy-Lunch.

Questions about MySchoolBucks may be directed to:

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