Uniform Guidelines

Every Ursuline Academy student should dress in a manner compatible with an academic atmosphere. Violators of the dress code may receive detention at the discretion of individual faculty members or members of the administration.

Elements of the Uniform:

  • Green blazer (to be worn at Mass and other formal occasions)
  • Plaid skirt. Hem must brush the top of the knee.
  • White polo shirt, or white turtleneck jersey; no insignias or logos
  • V-Neck navy blue sweater with school logo
  • Navy blue fleece jacket with school logo
  • Navy blue quarter-zip sweatshirt with paw print logo (The performance weight quarter-zip is not approved for uniform.)
  • Brown, black, or navy shoes with rubber soles (i.e. dock siders or penny loafers).
  • Black or navy solid tights or black or navy knee socks; black tights should be worn at Mass and on other occasions as announced.

These items may be purchased from JB Pride Uniforms. Certain items may be purchased from the school store. The JB Pride price list is available here.


Senior Uniform Privilege

Each year seniors may elect to purchase a colored polo shirt. Additional senior uniform privileges may be granted at the discretion of the administration.


“Does it matter what my shirt looks like?”

  • Uniforms, including shirts, must be clean and ironed. Polo shirts and turtlenecks do not need to be tucked. No insignia may be on shirts.

“Does it matter what I wear under my shirt?”

  • Colored t-shirts, sleeveless blouses and layering (long sleeved shirts under polos) are not allowed. Bright colored sports bras that may be seen through the shirt are also prohibited.

“I have grown quite a bit in the past year, but would rather not buy a new skirt. How high a hem is too high?”

  • Skirts must brush the top of the knee, regardless of your height.

“I can wear any shoes I want, correct?”

  • Incorrect. High heels, shoes with visible fur lining, boots, including UGGS, clogs without backs, moccasins, slippers, flip-flops and sneakers are NOT acceptable footwear.

“I have run out of knee socks. May I wear anklets, leggings, crew socks, soccer socks, no socks, or socks with a brand logo?

  • No, you may not.

Notes on Accessories
Jewelry, make-up and hair adornments must be understated and appropriate. Hairstyles should not be distracting, and hair may not be dyed an unnatural hair color. Expensive jewelry should not be worn to school. In physical education class or sports activities, jewelry is not permitted. Body or facial piercing and body art are not allowed.

Hats, caps, or scarves may not be worn during the school day.

On days when uniforms are not worn, students must dress appropriately and modestly. Depending on the occasion, a dress, skirt, blouse, sweater, dress pants or jeans may be worn. Shorts, very short skirts, flip-flops, sweatpants, loungewear, tank tops, halters and bare midriffs are never acceptable.

Dress Code for Dances

  • Dress necklines should not be plunging. Excessive display of cleavage will not be allowed.
  • While a dress may be backless, it may not be cut below the waist.
  • Midriffs may not be exposed, either partially or in full. The rule applies to both the front and sides of the dress.
  • Skin-tight dresses will not be allowed, nor will dresses that are excessively sheer.
  • Dress hems may not be more than four inches above the knee.