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Construction Progress

While we are well on our way to a Fall 2017 opening of the Athletic and Convocation Center, we still need your help! The project is being financed through a combination of fundraising and prudent borrowing. Our fundraising continues so that we can offer this amazing facility while keeping tuition affordable. To support the project, click "Donate" and select Realize the Possibilities as the gift designation.

Spring has sprung at Ursuline Academy! The Easter season is a time of new beginnings, celebration, joy, and hope.  With the spring comes new beginnings on campus with the continued progress of our Athletic and Convocation Center.  The project has shifted gears, with less focus on excavation and more focus on interior work.  The Class of 2017 was able to celebrate the new building on Monday, April 3 by attending their very own Hard Hat Tour, where they filled time capsule and had a chance to sign the wall of the new gymnasium -- a reminder to them that they will always be a part of Ursuline Academy no matter where their next journey takes them. 





We love the way this project is coming along! The winter weather as of late has not hindered the construction crew, as they continue to move along with the project. The west wall is now visible and bricked over. This is the wall that faces Lowder Street. Interior framing on the 1st floor is taking shape as well as masonry work in the gym and locker rooms. The fixtures and furnishings are in the process of being bid out. The entry plaza will feature a place for students and faculty to congregate and relax as they overlook the rest of the campus. We love all of the personalized inscriptions that have been coming in for the commemorative brick and stonework project. It’s not too late to share your love of this project as we pave the way for generations to come.



Our Athletic and Convocation Center is strategically located overlooking the academic building, the playing fields, and the Convent, symbolizing the mind-body-spirit elements of the school’s mission. As the construction progress continues, it is becoming more of a reality from many vantage points across campus as we Realize the Possibilities.

View from the back of the school

View from the Convent walkway

View from the athletic field

View from the Carriage House

View from the Carriage House of our new Facilities building

View from the front of the school

A major piece of Ursuline Academy history was written today as the four beams forming the cornice of the new Athletic and Convocation Center were raised into place, including one bearing the signatures of all current students, faculty and staff members. As explained by Norm Fournier of C.E. Floyd Construction, an American flag and evergreen tree were hoisted along with the beam to symbolize patriotism and prosperity for the building and school.

Students and faculty members took a brief break from their classes and desks to hear remarks by President Whiting and Director of Admissions Maura Polles '86. Alannah Sullivan '17 led the gathering off with a prayer, and the senior class led the students in an impromptu round of "Serviam" from their vantage point on top of the Science Wing.

The ACC is shaping up. This past week has shown much progress, as steel beams are now clearly visible across campus and from various points on Lowder Street. Workers have been busy lifting and mounting beams and steel structures across the site. This week promises more excitement as the Ursuline community writes a part of campus history by signing one of the final steel beams.

A crane is hard at work lifting beams to new heights.

A beam has been placed near the convent, ready for the girls to sign.

The ACC is right on track and approximately a month ahead of schedule due to less ledge being encountered than originally anticipated. Rebar, forms and the foundation for the ACC is now visible as concrete was poured for the footings, which will serve as the base for the walls of the ACC.

Fun Facts:

  • The ancient Romans were the first to develop concrete as a building material. Roman builders mixed lime,water and volcanic ash from Mount Vesuvius and called the concrete "pozzolana;"
  • The annual global production of concrete is 5 billion cubic yards;
  • Concrete is used twice as much as any other building material including wood, steel, plastic, and aluminum.

The facilities building roof is complete with windows and siding to be installed this week.

Construction continues during these warm summer days and the ACC is beginning to take shape! The facilities’ building is now visible as first and second floor framing is well underway. Soon enough the vertical dimensions of all of our new buildings will be visible as construction continues on schedule.

Heavy equipment continues to dig away as the familiar dirt mound is now being reduced and distributed to different areas of the site.

The footprint of the ACC is clearly visible.

Foundation forms are in place and the cement is flowing as the foundation for the ACC is poured.

View from the convent of the front corner of the ACC foundation.

Throughout June, crews have been working daily to drill and blast the ledge in the area where the ACC's foundation will be situated. Due to the characteristics of the rock encountered, this portion of the project is progressing faster than anticipated. Elsewhere in the site, the foundation for the new facilities maintenance building is being poured.

Drilling and ledge removal equipment.

View from the Convent.

Foundation being poured for new facilities maintenance building.