Students Excel on National Latin Exam

Students Excel on National Latin Exam
Students Excel on National Latin Exam

Congratulations to all of our Latin students who earned an award on the National Latin Exam this year. All Latin students at Ursuline took the exam on March 16, 2018. Students from every grade and level of Latin earned awards. Teacher Erin Cummins writes "I am incredibly proud of the hard work Latin students at Ursuline have done all year long in their study of the language. The National Latin Exam awards that many of them received reflect the drive, thirst for knowledge, and enthusiasm for the Classics that the students have. Their success proves that the girls take seriously their mission of 'making dead tongues speak.'" Seniors will be presented their awards at Baccalaureate Mass, while underclassmen were recognized in front of the student body after the Mass of the Ascension.

Award Winners:

7th grade: Intro to Latin exam

Natalie Moran -- Perfect Paper

Brigid Ryan -- Perfect Paper

Kayla Macy -- Certificate and ribbon

Mary Powers -- Certificate and ribbon

Sophia Vernacchio -- Certificate and ribbon

Caroline Killilea -- Certificate and ribbon

Fiona Russell -- Certificate

8th and 9th grade: Latin I

Claudia Jaber -- Maxima Cum Laude

Jennifer McGrail -- Maxima Cum Laude

Maureen Fox -- Maxima Cum Laude

Tegan Greene -- Magna Cum Laude

Meghan Hobbs -- Magna Cum Laude

Irene Giannacopoulos -- Magna Cum Laude

Maggie Delaney -- Cum Laude

Kaitlyn Steinkrauss -- Cum Laude

9th and 10th grade: Latin II

Anna Vernacchio -- Summa Cum Laude

Isabella McIntyre -- Summa Cum Laude

Brianna McIntyre -- Maxima Cum Laude

MK Holland -- Maxima Cum Laude

Anna Crowley -- Magna Cum Laude

Emily Schneider -- Magna Cum Laude

10th grade: Latin III

Caleigh Wukitch -- Summa Cum Laude

Audrey Abraham -- Maxima Cum Laude

Faith Banach -- Maxima Cum Laude

Frankie Faggiano -- Maxima Cum Laude

11th grade: Latin IV Prose

Lauren Grela -- Maxima Cum Laude

Natalie McGrail -- Maxima Cum Laude

Cate McCusker -- Cum Laude

11th grade: Latin IV Poetry

Giovanna Ragusa -- Magna Cum Laude

12th grade: Latin V/VI*

Mackenzie Moore

Gracie Higgins

Emily Lewis

Joanie Kaster

Katie Fox

Kiara Cronin

Abby Wukitch

Izzy Orup

*specific awards will be announced at Baccalaureate Mass