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Whether it is lessons in the classroom, athletics, the arts, service or community events, there is always something exciting happening at Ursuline Academy. Read all about it in the Life on Lowder Street Blog!

Graduation 2018
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On a beautiful sunny afternoon in June, seventy-eight girls from the Class of 2018 followed in the tradition of their Ursuline sisters before them, as they processed down the convent steps wearing the traditional white gown and carrying a red rose bouquet.  

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Why study Latin?
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At the beginning of the school year, I asked my intermediate and advanced level classes to consider their purpose in Latin class beyond getting an A.  “You are the link,” I told them, “between our world today and the world of yesterday.  Caesar, Catullus, Vergil—their words will all be forgotten or reduced to caricature without your constant efforts to bring them to life.  

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Oh the Places You'll Go . . .
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Members of the Class of 2018 met in the iHub during their Guidance block to create personalized banners for the colleges that they may be attending in the fall. The banners will be laminated and displayed in the Guidance Department to showcase where their journey will take them after UA.

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What Does Learning Look Like?
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What does learning ‘look like’?  How can I tell when my students are actually learning? Even, what is learning?

My students in Spanish 2 have repeatedly shown me this month how they are learning and what they can do with it.  Mis estudiantes worked individually, then with a randomly chosen partner, a carefully paired partner, then in groups of three or four to create a menu, to write a restaurant review and to conduct a formal interview about ‘her’ restaurant.

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