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Student Performers Find New Audiences Online

Student Performers Find New Audiences Online
Allee O'Neil '21, Communications Intern

Upon traveling through Ursuline on any given morning, one can hear the sounds of a multitude of performing arts groups warming up and rehearsing, whether it be the Bearitones, choral group, chamber ensemble, or Psalm 98. However, several Ursuline girls have taken their passion for the arts a step further by blending media and music through creating Instagram accounts to feature their art. These “singing accounts” are entirely run by the students, and the students have control of what they sing and share. The accounts act as a platform for students to express themselves and share their art in a different way than they would find in a school setting, allowing for a more individual approach. However, though the Instagram pages are individual, the students find that they were given the tools they needed to succeed through the Ursuline arts programs, which allow them to grow through working with peers and learning from faculty. 

Four Ursuline students currently run Instagram accounts to showcase their music: Bella Coe ‘21, Angelina Saghbini ‘23, Reese Seifart ‘23, and Chelsea Trombetta ‘24. These girls have a love of music that has grown since childhood and flourished as they matured into young adulthood. In an interview, Bella shared that, “Ever since I was a child I’ve been drawn to music. My mom’s side of the family is heavily musically inclined, so I have a great deal of influence from them.” This seems to be the case with the other three girls as well. All four have a deep-rooted love of music and have been singing for longer than they can remember, whether it be at church, school, or home. 

One interesting feature of these pages is that the four Ursuline girls are able to express themselves and their musical taste through the songs they choose to record on these accounts. One can clearly see the individuality and self-expression shining through in the lists of posts on their pages. The majority of songs on these accounts are pop, but there is a heavy dose of musical theatre and even some country. Favorite covers range from pop songs such as “Shallow” (Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper) and “idontwannabeyouanymore” (Billie Eilish) to musical theatre hits such as songs from the musical Legally Blonde.

Aside from creativity and individuality, these accounts have taught students a multitude of life lessons. Chelsea Trombetta ‘23 explained that sharing her music online has boosted her confidence about singing in front of people. Reese Seifart ‘23 shared, “... not everyone is going to like your music and that is okay.” Bella Coe ‘21 spoke on the connections she made through her account, stating, “I’ve learned that music is a great connecting agent, because there are people all over the world who, whether they need a self-confidence boost or simply want to share their gifts with the world, use music to bring them together.” These girls are finding great value in their platforms, using them to bring about self-confidence, a sense of self-assuredness, and a wider network of friendships.

Though these accounts are a beneficial way for students to pursue their artistry outside of school, a popular consensus among them is that Ursuline has given them the tools they need to be successful in their pursuits. Bella owes much of her success to the fine arts teachers at Ursuline, sharing that, “Mrs. Schnatterly and Mrs. Glancy are supportive of every student and are not afraid to challenge them to reach greater heights. They definitely helped me succeed.” Ursuline staff not only help the girls foster their craft, but arrange many opportunities for the girls to have performing experiences which can boost their confidence. Even younger students like freshman Angelina Saghbini ‘23 are able to experience moments to shine through the arts program. Angelina shared that, “Ursuline has helped me become more confident with my singing and has allowed me to have the courage to audition to sing solos at concerts, sing the national anthem before sports games, and audition for musicals.” Though these girls enjoy individually honing their skills through their covers, they find a great deal of personal growth and encouragement through the Ursuline Fine Arts Department that allows them to be successful in a wide-scale, online setting. 

Note: Social media best practices suggest that high school students keep their social media accounts set to "private."  The students profiled here have separate private social media accounts for their personal conversations. These public accounts are for their singing activities only, and the students are careful not to share personal information on them.