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Ursuline Academy

Why Ursuline?


Each day, over 350 young women come to Ursuline from nearly 60 communities around greater Boston. Here, known and nurtured by a dedicated faculty and staff, each student is encouraged to reach her fullest potential – as individuals, scholars, artists, athletes, and as young women of faith who will engage in our world with presence and purpose. Our students explore new subjects, discover their passions, cheer each other on, and have fun while doing it. This is a community rooted in Catholic social teaching and Gospel values, where lifelong friendships are formed and where we live with faith, courage, and joy.

At Ursuline Academy, we invite you to defy expectations. 

Consider this:  It’s possible to be both bold and compassionate. It’s possible to learn with joy. It’s possible to lead by serving. Consider what you aspire to, how you might surprise yourself, what your future might be, and then consider every other possibility. Ursuline both invites you – and challenges you– to write your own story.  What will your story be? 


Learning with Joy!

Our curriculum is designed to inspire each student’s natural curiosity. Our faculty encourage the love of learning, of reading, and scholarly exploration in the pursuit of truth. We deliver education on a personal level, so extra help – or an extra challenge – are equally available to any student who needs it. An Ursuline education promotes excellence in writing and presentation skills across all subjects, and cultivates a student’s ability to think critically, reason carefully and communicate persuasively.  


Growing in Faith

Centuries ago, Saint Angela Merici dedicated her life to forming a company of young women engaged in bettering their communities, known today as the Ursulines. We are inspired by St. Angela’s legacy at Ursuline and challenge our students to uphold these same Catholic values: to form their conscience in relationship to God, to adopt the principles of Catholic social teaching, and to be Christ to one another in today’s world. The values of our Catholic community are truly universal and we welcome students of all faiths.  


All Girls' Advantage

At Ursuline, girls participate in every class, take every leadership role, captain every team and club. They are the priority in every decision made. We encourage exploration and self-discovery and give students the tools to navigate their world, so that in these years of transformation, as young women shape their individual identities, Ursuline students shine. They speak confidently, lead eagerly, and live comfortably in their own skin.  They come to see themselves as they are -- impressive young women, ready to make a meaningful impact on our world. 


Exceptional Value

Combining the intimacy of a small, private school with the resources and opportunities of a much larger community, Ursuline offers the best of both worlds and is a remarkable value when compared to other private, Catholic schools in the area. A full 100% of our graduates find placement at competitive colleges and universities throughout the country, a testimony to our graduates’ exceptional poise, self-confidence, and the ability to tackle any problem with enthusiasm.   


Serviam: "I will serve"

For graduates of Ursuline Academy, Serviam is not merely a school motto, but a way of life.  Our students collectively provide over 24,000 hours in volunteer work each year, and seniors participate in a focused service project during their final weeks of school.  Every Ursuline graduate is shaped by their experience of Serviam, which is a source of great pride and inspires them to engage in meaningful work throughout their adult lives. 


Grace Jean '26


Grace Jean '26 discusses the importance of trying new things, taking risks, and self-exploration. Grace is a trail-blazing, bold, and compassionate person, as demonstrated by her self-directed experiment which she calls her "Year of Risk Taking."




Nicole Daaboul '25


Nicole Daaboul '25 has a deep commitment to Serviam. Her Greek Orthodox faith, connections to Lebanon, and talents in the performing and visual arts are avenues in which Nicole gives back to others. 




Julia Mullert '17


Julia Mullert '17 is a Fulbright scholar studying in The Netherlands' government center, The Hague. Read on to learn how an Ursuline education prepared her for her success.  




Hope Alto '19


For ten years, Horizon – a 30 foot long, fiberglass sailboat built in 1979 - has sat on Cape Cod. Now, it is almost time for Horizon to set sail once again thanks to the dedication and vision of Hope Alto ‘19. When offered ownership of the deteriorating boat by a coworker, Hope, who has been sailing for fifteen years, saw the proposal to refurbish Horizon as an opportunity and a challenge. In the midst of rebuilding a gas-engine from the 60s, engineering a draining system, repacking propellers, sanding and repainting, Hope relies on skills of perseverance, problem-solving, and independence that she cites learning at Ursuline Academy. 




Mairead G. '26


As my journey at Ursuline continues through my high school years, I have come to rely on the UA community for support and encouragement. I cherish all the friendships I have made through classes and all of my clubs and sports, and I look forward to new and exciting endeavors here at UA." 




Elizabeth Mahoney


When asked to describe their favorite moment in her class, seniors overwhelmingly identify their Spanish IV Immigration Project.  At the end of this unit, they have the opportunity to interview someone who has emigrated from a Hispanic country, in Spanish.  Students are amazed that they can actually conduct an interview in Spanish and understand the responses of the person they are interviewing. They empathize with the challenges and joys of the immigration stories being shared with them.






Seta Nersessian '76


"Ursuline believed in me and challenged me. Ursuline taught me to trust my instincts, learn from my inevitable mistakes, and to seek joy in the little things in life. It made me understand that the unadulterated pursuit of knowledge is a worthy goal in itself and it made me aware of how lending a hand to fellow inhabitants of this small planet is the single most important and humane act in life."




Cailin K. '24


"My time at Ursuline has been filled with a rigorous course load, but teachers and classmates have made it worth the effort!  We engage in lively discussion and interactive lessons. I've found a community of friends in athletics, especially golf, where I've grown from being the youngest player to becoming one of the oldest. Now I am able to mentor younger students and make connections with them, just as the older girls did for me. This forever changed my Ursuline experience, as I found the place where I belonged and where people understood me and shared my passion."




Beth Sheehan Collins '02


"What I remember and appreciate most about Ursuline is how the dedicated staff and student body came together to form a community of caring, with a special focus on service. Ursuline helped me develop a lifelong appreciation for learning, faith, friendships, and philanthropy.”




Caroline Rufo


In recent classes, Visual Arts 1 students have been creating DaVinci dragons. Students put together elements of various animals to create their DaVinci dragons, which helps them learn to draw in proportion and to draw texture well. In Visual Arts 2, students are working on sculpture. Each year, these students take a trip to a sculpture park, where they can view great examples of the different aesthetic principles they are learning about in class. 


Our Stories

For 75 years, Ursuline Academy has encouraged young women to push past their expectations of themselves. Steeped in an environment of encouragement, support, and faith, students feel free to discover every part of their being, to be both bold and compassionate, and to find what gives them joy. These are our stories!


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