An independent Catholic school for girls in grades 7-12

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I was so struck by how engaged and excited all the students were.
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Ms. Samantha Kinn, TEACHER

You will find love in your high school years. This love comes from the friends that you make here, from the family sitting around you at this moment. And more importantly, this love is bestowed upon yourself. You will learn to love yourself.

maggie c. '17

When I think about my high school experience, the one thing that stands out from everything else is the unconditional support I had every step of the way.

sheila o. '14

Every single day, I get to be surrounded by my 400 sisters, whether they are in seventh grade or eleventh. Each class I have been fortunate enough to take here has changed me in some way, opened me up to new ideas and concepts, and challenged me as a student.

allison d. '16

Everyone here cares so much about you. The teachers make themselves available not only to teach, but to talk to their students. Knowing that I am loved at this school is what makes me come back every single day.

shannon l. '15