An independent Catholic school for young women in grades 7-12

Departments and Courses


Confident learners are eager.  At Ursuline, students hone basic skills while simultaneously stretching in new directions, first cementing background knowledge and then employing critical thinking skills to reach new understandings. Inspired by academic curiosity, students work closely with faculty members who have high expectations and guide students’ desire to learn in a supportive environment. Design thinking, enshrined in the I.D.E.A. Hub, is integrated throughout the academic practice. 

Ursuline Academy offers a comprehensive and rigorous program of studies for students in grades 7 through 12. Course offerings are listed below by department.   Eighteen Advanced Placement courses and three language options are available, as well as a variety of electives for upperclassmen.  Ursuline students take Theology as an academic subject each year. 

In addition to individual meetings with their school counselor, students in grades 7-12 have a weekly guidance class that encompasses health and wellness in addition to academic and college counseling. In the 9th grade, students participate in a colloquium that provides students practice in academic research techniques, organizational skills, financial and digital literacy, and presentation and public speaking.

Ursuline uses the Rediker Student/Parent Portal to communicate progress reports and grades to parents and students.