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Uniform Guidelines

Uniform Guidelines for the 2024-2025 School Year

Ursuline Academy’s traditional dress code upholds the core values of our mission.  The uniform is worn with pride and enhances a sense of unity and community spirit among our students.  There are two versions of the uniform: basic and formal.

Basic Uniform

  • School ID — Must be worn on the school-issued lanyard around the student’s neck at all times, including Spirit Days and uniform holidays.
  • Ursuline’s green plaid skirt — Hem must be no more than an inch above the knees as a student stands straight.
  • White polo shirt, long or short sleeve *  — (The senior class wears navy blue polos.)  Polos may be worn untucked, but they should be no longer than the student’s hip.  *Note: Ursuline has adopted a uniform polo shirt with the school insignia.  All students are required to wear the polo shirt with the school insignia.
  • Socks or Tights  — Navy blue or black socks (socks must be visible above shoes or sneakers); black or blue tights.
  • Shoes  — Black sneakers with black laces (there may be a minimal amount of white on the sneaker, or they may be all black); tan, brown, black, or navy shoes with rubber sole (i.e. docksider or penny loafer).

Examples of Acceptable Shoes:

Examples of Non-Acceptable Shoes:

Additional Options for the Basic Uniform (contingent on weather)

  • Navy blue fleece jacket with school logo
  • “URSULINE” navy blue crew neck sweatshirt (sold only in the UA bookstore)
  • Navy quarter-zip with the bear paw or "Ursuline" on the front
  • Black or navy solid leggings  - Worn under plaid skirt during winter months.
  • Personal winter coat/parka  - Worn when traveling between buildings 
  • Navy blue tailored pants may be worn in lieu of the plaid skirt. Pants must be full-length, measuring from waist to ankle, and made from fabrics such as cotton, cotton/polyester, or wool. (Pants made of fabrics such as denim, corduroy, leather, velvet, Lycra, etc., are not acceptable as uniform wear.)
  • At the discretion of the administration, students may be allowed to wear boots.
  • On the first Friday of the month, students may wear hooded Ursuline sweatshirts or any team or club sweatshirts; otherwise, hooded sweatshirts are not part of the uniform.
  • Seniors: Tie-dyed senior t-shirts may be worn on the 25th of each month (in recognition of their grad year). College sweatshirts will be allowed after April 1.

Examples of uniform-acceptable pants.


Formal Uniform (to be worn at Mass and other formal occasions)

  • Green blazer
  • Ursuline’s green plaid skirt  - Hem must be no more than an inch above the knees as a student stands straight.
  • Uniform polo shirt -  Short or long sleeved, tucked in.  Navy for seniors, white for all other students. (Note: The polo shirt must have the school insignia; plain white polos are not acceptable.)
  • Black or navy blue tights
  • Tan, brown, black, or navy shoes with rubber sole*  - (i.e., docksider or penny loafer) *Note: Sneakers are not part of the formal uniform; students may change into their sneakers at the conclusion of the Mass or formal occasion.

How to Purchase?

Blazers, skirts and polo shirts should be purchased through our uniform distributor,  Donnelly's Clothing.


“Does it matter what my uniform looks like?”
Yes! The uniform is a community standard. Much like an athletic uniform which indicates that you are part of a team, your school uniform shows that you are part of our Ursuline family. Please wear the plaid with pride! Shirts and skirts must be clean and ironed. Polo shirts do not need to be tucked in for general school days, but should be tucked in when the formal uniform is required.  

“Does it matter what I wear under my shirt?”
Yes! Colored t-shirts, sleeveless blouses and layering (long sleeved shirts under polos) are not allowed. Bright colored sports bras that may be seen through the shirt are also prohibited.

“I have grown quite a bit in the past year, but would rather not buy a new skirt. How high a hem is too high?”
Skirts must reach no more than an inch above the knee. Please let out the hem if you feel your skirt is too short. Rolling your skirt is not allowed.

“What kind of shoes are uniform-approved?”
You may wear black sneakers with black laces, or tan, brown, black, or navy shoes. High heels, shoes with visible fur lining, clogs without backs, moccasins, slippers, and flip-flops are examples of non-acceptable footwear. At the discretion of the administration, boots may be allowed during the winter months. If you have a question about your shoes, please do not hesitate to contact a member of the administrative team.

"What are the consequences of not adhering to the uniform guidelines?”
 Violators of the dress code may receive detention at the discretion of individual faculty members or members of the administration.

“Do seniors receive special uniform privileges?”
Seniors wear a navy blue polo shirt, tie-dyed senior t-shirts may be worn on the 23rd of each month, and seniors may wear college sweatshirts after April 1. Additional senior uniform privileges may be granted at the discretion of the administration.

“May I wear jewelry or makeup?  May I color my hair or have body piercings or other forms of body art?”
Jewelry, make-up and hair adornments must be understated and appropriate. Hairstyles should not be distracting, and hair may not be dyed unnatural colors. Piercings on any part of the body except for ears and body art are not allowed.

“What may I wear on days that the uniform is not required?”
On days when uniforms are not required (i.e., Spirit Days or uniform holidays), students must dress appropriately and modestly. Depending on the occasion, a dress, skirt, blouse, sweater, dress pants, or jeans may be worn. Short shorts, very short skirts, flip-flops, leggings (unless wearing a long shirt), tank tops, halters, and bare midriffs are not acceptable.