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Lunch Program

What's for lunch?
Ursuline Academy partners with SLA Management, Inc., a custom school food service management company that focuses exclusively on K-12 educational institutions,  and is dedicated to providing high quality, nutritious, and cost-efficient meal programs. 

Weekly menu and nutritional information
You may view the weekly menu and nutritional information by downloading the "Nutrislice" app from the app store on your mobile device. You can also visit the SLA website at for the current menu and other program resources.  Information about food allergens can be found by using the "filter" option in the upper right-hand corner of the online menu.  

Lunch Program for  2023-2024

For the 2023-2024 school year, we welcome SLA  back to the Ursuline Tea Room.  SLA will be transitioning back to normal service to offer healthy, delicious meal options in a safe and clean environment. New to SLA this year:

  • Look for a new line of "bowl recipes" as part of the SLA menu this year, including a fajita chicken bowl, BBQ Korean pork bowl, and three-bean burrito bowl.
  • SLA has introduced a new improved pizza offering with self-rising crust.
  • As part of their efforts to be more eco-friendly, SLA is now 100% styrofoam free. 

Click here for full details on how to register and fund student lunch accounts.

Click here for full details in Spanish on how to register and fund lunch accounts.