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Fine Arts

At Ursuline, being a well-rounded, educated woman includes learning the fundamentals of artistic expression. Courses in the visual and the performing arts provide the foundation for this expression and allow students to follow their interests to advanced levels of study.


Visual Arts

The Visual Arts department faculty helps each student express herself artistically and creatively by developing her technical skills and imaginative ideation. Students hone their capabilities for observational learning and explore a variety of art media through hands-on projects that include training in and use of Ursuline’s tools for digital expression.

Visual Arts Classes


Performing Arts

Participation in the performing arts is a positive, whole-person endeavor that provides the student opportunities to take risks in a supportive environment.  Performing arts provide an opportunity for students to develop and foster their communication skills, self-discipline, problem solving, teamwork, leadership, collaboration, and creativity, as well as to heighten their sense of self and the world around them.

Performing Arts Classes

Meet Our Faculty

Susan Glancy


Gabriella Laranjeira


Caroline Rufo