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Big Sister Little Sister

Every Ursuline girl can attest that joining the Ursuline community means entering into a lifelong sisterhood with her peers. The Big Sister Little Sister mentoring program is foundational to our student life and is just one example of how we cultivate meaningful relationships on campus.

Every incoming new student through seventh to ninth grade at Ursuline is paired with an upperclassman “big sister” mentor who helps their “little sister” with her transition to Ursuline and serves as an instant friend. Recently, we have begun grouping pairs of big and little sisters into small groups so that they can be a part of a larger “family.” Incoming new students in grades ten through twelve are assigned a peer “buddy.”

This program is based on our Ursuline values of compassion, kindness, and service. Big and little sisters, as well as peer buddies, attend special events together throughout the school year including the New Student Welcome, New Student Orientation, our annual Bond Fire, trivia nights, and more. 


- Support and guide each little sister in her transition to a new school environment

- Give each big sister the opportunity to develop mentoring and leadership skills

- Facilitate connections and relationships between students of all grades

- Demonstrate our school values of Serviam, compassion, and concern for others 


- Little sisters feel supported and welcome,  with a built-in friend to ask questions

- Big sisters become role models to younger students and have a lasting impact

- Create lifelong friendships and bolster the strength of our community

- Our students embody a lifelong commitment to helping others